Waxing - Instructions for use

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Wax is one of the most effective hair removal methods, however to optimize this hair removal it is necessary to prepare your skin well.

  • Ideally, you should wait until the hair is at least 5 mm long before waxing it. The day before epilation, exfoliate to remove dead cells and remove hair that has grown under the skin so that it can be removed.

Apply the scrub treatment with a horsehair glove or shower flower to maximize its effectiveness, rinse and moisturize your skin by applying a milk or body oil.

  • On the day of depilation, depending on the wax you have chosen, heat it in a water bath, in a tank, using an electric wax heater or in a microwave oven, depending on the format and following the instructions for use. Observe the heating time indicated in the operating instructions.

Always test the temperature of the wax before starting depilation. To do this, apply a small amount to the hollow of the wrist. Do not hesitate to wait a few minutes if the wax is too hot.

Remember to prepare to carry all the equipment necessary for depilation by hand, such as a spatula and strips of fabric.

  • Hair removal can begin. For a better adherence of the wax, clean and dry the area to be depilated.

Apply the wax to the skin with a spatula or directly with a roll-on in the direction of the hair. Place a cloth strip and rub it there so that it adheres well to the wax and skin. Gently stretch the skin and then tear off the strip in one go in the direction of the hair. Repeat this operation several times to remove all the hair. It is possible to apply wax several times in the same place for a perfect finish. However, in order not to irritate the skin too much, avoid ironing too often on the same area.

Be careful not to expose yourself to the sun in the hours following depilation.


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