Epil'Spring Pro

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Depilation spring pro Epil'Spring.

This all-metal surgical spring replicates the technique of threading for a professional result at home.

The Epil'Spring manual depilatory spring is inspired by the ancestral method of thread depilation, which has been known for its effectiveness for centuries. It simply removes facial hair. The hairs do not "break" but are pulled at the root thanks to the hypoallergenic spring.

Unlike waxing, Epil'Spring leaves no redness.

Epil'Spring is innovative and ecological. It operates without batteries or electricity. A simple wrist movement is all it takes.

Dimensions: total length: 17 cm / spring only: 10.5 cm / spring diameter: 0.4 cm

pro epil'Spring  epilator is sold with its storage bag

How to use Epil'spring pro?

- Hold the spring by the tips with your index finger and thumb, fold the spring roll down into a U-shape and place it on your face where you want to remove unwanted down.

- Roll the handles inwards and outwards in a continuous movement by sliding them between the index finger and thumb.

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