For a perfect shave, follow the guide!

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Shaving seems to be the simplest and best known method of hair removal. However, to obtain optimal results it is important to follow some rules.

- Shave in the shower or in your bath, hot water softens the skin and softens the hair, making it easier to shave. Start by cleaning the areas to be shaved. Then apply shaving foam or gel that you choose according to the nature of your skin. Foam or gel makes it easier for the razor blade to slide and reduces the risk of cutting. Once the foam is spread, wait 2 minutes before shaving. - Remember to change the razor or the blade of your razor regularly for optimal efficiency. A worn blade will shave less well and irritate your skin, especially sensitive skin. As soon as the razor pulls on the skin or gives a feeling of scratching, it means that the blade is too worn. - Contrary to popular belief, start by shaving in the direction of the hair. Make long and regular movements. Stretch the skin if necessary to avoid cuts or irritations, especially on bony or wrinkled areas such as the knee or armpits.

When most of the hair is removed, you can use the blade in the opposite direction of the hair to perfect the depilation.

Once shaving is finished, cleanse the skin to remove all hair and foam or gel residue, then remember to rinse your razor thoroughly with hot water.

- After shaving, the skin is sensitive and should be allowed to rest. To limit the risk of irritation, wait at least 30 minutes before applying creams or lotions and expose yourself to the sun.

Also avoid alcohol-based treatments such as some deodorants.

Once this period has passed, it is necessary to nourish and moisturize the skin, which is irritated after shaving.


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