How to remove the bikini hair?

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Depilation of the bikini line is a delicate practice and the skin in this area is extremely delicate. Expert Hair Removal reveals its secrets for a successful hair removal of the bikini line and without going through a beautician.

Depilation of the bikini line is a delicate practice and the skin in this area is extremely sensitive and thin. Perhaps you are a novice in this field and you are wondering how to wax your bikini for the first time.

To remove your bikini wax, we will of course recommend that you go through a beautician. But it is understandable that this is an expensive practice if you want to use it regularly. Let's look at some tips and good practices for a successful bikini waxing at home.

What type of bikini waxing?

Several types of bikini waxing are used:

The simple bikini line which consists in removing only the hair that protrudes from the panties.
The slash jersey more practiced by thong wearers.
The Brazilian jersey, which is similar to the famous "metro ticket" and consists of leaving a strip of hair on the pubic area. This type is usually associated with an epilation of the buttock furrow.
The full jersey that offers a totally hairless area.
You might as well say that complete hair removal is possible at home but that nothing will be worth a visit to the beautician to do it!

Preparation of the bikini line depilation

Before depilation, it is necessary to prepare the ritual and the area that is about to be depilated.

Cleaning the area to be depilated

If you have an alcohol-free lotion, apply it to the area to be depilated. This will disinfect this area to make it cleaner and thus perform hygienic depilation. This will also make it easier for pubic hair to be pulled out.

Scrub for a successful depilation without ingrown hairs

Scrubbing is another essential step in a successful bikini waxing. Choose a gentle scrub for the skin because the skin in this area is very sensitive and very fine. The scrub should be done before depilation but also between two depilations to avoid ingrown hairs.

Think about talcum powder before you wax

Venice talcum powder is particularly recommended for preparing hair removal. If you peel with wax, the talcum powder will make the hair adhere better to the wax. In addition, it will make the skin drier, which will reduce pain during epilation.

Take a hot shower or hot bath before depilation

Hot water dilates the pores and greatly reduces the pain experienced during epilation. So use hot water (don't raise the temperature too high either!).

Which method to wax the bikini area ?

If you prefer to use shaving rather than depilation (which we do not recommend), consider changing your age razor regularly. Avoid depilatory creams for the depilation of the bikini line. They may be painless, they are full of chemicals, and it is better to avoid bringing too many chemicals closer to this area!

We therefore recommend that you wax your hair. Be careful that the wax temperature is not too high. Remember to check the temperature of the wax with your hand to make sure you will not burn your intimate area. Also, don't do too many waxing. As already mentioned, the skin of this area is very thin. You will prefer a good old tweezers to remove the remaining hairs.

Finally, use hair removal in the evening. Indeed, hair removal on such a sensitive area can cause redness. By depilating before bed, the body has time to regenerate itself during sleep and the redness will probably disappear the next morning.

Post-depilation care to finish

One very important thing when you have finished depilating your bikini line: Hydration. Take advantage of it: And if you want to take even better care of your body, switch to natural and organic products. To do this, we recommend AlloNature's organic hair growth inhibitor and post-depilation moisturizing milk.

Also consider applying a soothing post-depilation oil to feel soothed and avoid itching and other redness.

Whatever method you choose, take it easy and once again, limit the use of wax, and use tweezers to remove the last unsightly hairs.

We wish you all the best for your bikini waxing!


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