With honey, chocolate, sugar, pot wax is natural and pleasant to use. The spatula allows you to apply the right amount of wax depending on the size of the area to be depilated. ARmpits, bikini area, legs, faces, it is applied to all areas of the body for a soft skin for several weeks.

46,20 €

A water-soluble paste, ready to use for all areas of the body and face.

20,00 €

With This fluid resin wax with pine resin, you will get a comfortable depilation. It adheres perfectly to the skin to facilitate the removal of the hair while remaining respectful of the skin. It has to be used with a metal spatula and removed with strips.

19,00 €

Organic and natural sugar wax by AlloNature.

13,33 €

A fat-soluble wax in a jar available in various forms depending on the type of skin (Only one available for now).

10,82 €

This ultra-thin strip wax allows a practical and fast use for a perfect depilation. It is extra soft and a single thin layer is enough for perfect depilation. Made in France.

9,92 €

Découvrez cette cire pelable en pot idéale pour les zones sensibles.

8,63 € 9,08 € -5%

Gel wax in Aquaria pot without rosin Amber 400ml

8,33 € 10,41 € -20%

Cire en pot 400ml Uki

Reduced price!
6,58 €

Pot wax for depilation to be applied on all skin types.

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