Leg hair removal: Which method to choose?

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The legs are most often the least sensitive area of our body, which has the advantage of supporting all hair removal methods. Waxes, electric depilators, razors, laser depilators, pulsed light, depilatory lotions... There is a wide choice of ways to wax your legs.

Hair removal lotions and sprays are very easy to use and a few minutes are enough to obtain an extremely soft and silky skin.

Before choosing your hair removal method, it is important to follow these few tips:

Scrubbing: It is essential before each depilation and especially for leg depilation to proceed to a light scrub the day before the depilation. It is performed with a kessa glove (less abrasive than horsehair gloves) and black soap or scrub sugar. This scrub removes dead cells to prepare the skin for depilation.

Leg hair removal should preferably be done after bathing or showering, as the pores of the skin are dilated and the hair is therefore easier to remove. In addition, the skin must be cleaned of any lotion, cream or milk.

After a leg waxing, it is not recommended to expose your legs to the sun for the next 24 hours.

It now remains to choose the right method for leg depilation.

  • Razor or depilatory sprays: These hair removal methods are the fastest and simplest, and above all they are painless. On the other hand, your hair will grow back very quickly and often darker and straighter (with the razor).

  • The electric epilator: This is a really effective and simple method of use. Manufacturers are constantly innovating and offering epilators that are more and more efficient and less painful. The electric epilator is very easy to use on the legs. The only disadvantage is that on sensitive skin it can cause small spots and ingrown hairs.

  • Laser, pulsed light and electrolysis depilators: These depilation methods offer a so-called quasi-definitive depilation; Resulting from professional technologies, you can use, at home, these depilators for a durable depilation. However, these methods of sustainable hair removal are time-consuming and require several sessions. Be aware that if you want to use them on important areas such as legs, it will take you a lot of time and patience.

  • Wax: Hot wax, warm wax, cold wax, cold wax, non-strip or strip wax, pot wax or roll-on wax, the waxes to depilate are many and varied. Cold wax is recommended for people with blood circulation problems. For leg depilation, we recommend warm wax with roll-on strips, which is the easiest to apply and remove. Roll-on wax cartridges allow you to easily spread the right amount of wax on your legs. Simply apply the wax in successive strips from the knee to the ankle, then apply a strip of fabric by applying pressure so that the wax adheres well to the strip and tear off the strip with a sharp blow in the opposite direction of the hair. the wax offers you 3 to 4 weeks of peace.


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