Farmell Classic epilator

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Classic Farmell epilator for quick face waxing. Ecological and economical.

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The depilatory spring is designed for manual depilation of thicker hair, like a conventional electric depilator. Made of steel, it can therefore be used comfortably in the shower, and its flexibility allows it to perfectly follow the curves of the body. Small and lightweight, you can take it anywhere for last-minute touch-ups.

No need for batteries or plugs, it is ecological and economical! It allows hypoallergenic depilation without adding products, without causing irritation. It's a real professional hair removal at home!

Caution: Do not use it to wax your eyebrows!

The Farmell hair remover treats the hair at the root and therefore does not damage your skin. However, it is recommended not to use it on skin with lesions. Slight redness may appear on thin and fragile skins that will disappear.

Instructions for use

Grasp the Farmell epilator by the tips between your thumb and forefinger and fold it upside down in a U-shape. Place it on the area to be depilated, rotate it internally (the thumbs must meet) allowing the spring to move up along the area to be depilated.

Tip: Stretch the skin around your tongue. For maintenance, simply tension the spring slightly (1.5cm to 2cm max) and blow underneath to remove the hairs. Clean it from time to time with alcohol.

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