Electric epilator - Some tips for a clean skin

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For impeccable hair removal, care and preparation should not be underestimated, especially when choosing the electric hair removal device.

  • To remove all the hair that has grown under the skin and so that it can be removed, exfoliate the day before your epilation. Use a black soap-based treatment or a sugar-based scrub, accompanied by a Kessa glove or shower flower. The scrub is carried out on wet skin by rubbing (gently) the skin in small circles from bottom to top. Dead cells will be removed and ingrown hairs will have disappeared.

Once the scrub is rinsed, remember to moisturize your skin by applying a milk or body oil.

  • On D-Day, before you start waxing, take a hot bath or shower to soften the skin and dilate the pores. Pulling out the hair will be easier and less painful.

Run the epilator in the opposite direction of hair growth, for example on the legs of the ankle, going up towards the knee. Several passes are necessary in the same place to remove all the hair.

  • Once the waxing is complete, cleanse the skin and apply milk or body oil to moisturize and soothe the skin. You can also apply specific lotions that slow down hair growth.

Avoid applying lotions or creams that contain alcohol and do not expose the depilated area to the sun within hours of depilation.


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