You will find all the pre and post-depilation treatments for a successful and effective waxing : Talc, post-depilation oil, hair reduction,...

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Discover the natural hair minimizer care for the body.

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An organic and natural body milk that delays organic regrowth and is available in 125ml

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A professional post-depilatory oil with organic Calendula to cleanse and moisturize the skin.

15,75 €

Soin premier secours : pour les peaux agressées, fragilisées et asséchées après l'épilation

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Le soin anti-poils incarnés Acorelle , à base de Miel et Aloe Vera Bio laisse votre peau douce, sans boutons, sans rougeurs et sans irritations.

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Déodorant soin anti-repousse aux cristaux d'Alun et à la Truffe noire.

12,22 €

Organic Talc is to be used on the area you want to wax. It is perfect for all skin types and the fact that it is organic makes it incredibly skin-friendly.

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Finally the solution to effectively fight ingrown hairs! No more hair under the skin!

8,33 €

Venice talcum powder to makes your hair removal perfect and make it more pleasant.

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Aleppo soap in cube or liquid for a perfect cleaning of the skin after depilation.

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A handy small size for this post-depilation oil - Ideal for removing wax residue after depilation.

5,82 €

Loofah natural exfoliating scrub to remove impurities from the skin.

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A repairing post-depilation treatment for the face with triple action: soothes, reduces redness, repairs and nourishes the skin.

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