Are you in a hurry and want a painless solution to remove your hair? Epicare, depilatory sprays... discover all the fast and painless methods, from the most classic to the most original!

24,92 €

Depilation spring pro Epil'Spring.

18,68 € 20,75 € -10%

Stainless steel eepilator for thin hair.

16,60 €

Classic Farmell epilator for quick face waxing. Ecological and economical.

15,75 €

Une méthode d'épilation par dermabrasion, entre le rasage et l'épilation.

14,08 €

Natural depilatory cream for sensitive and reactive skin.

13,00 €

Epicare depilation spring for quick facial depilation.

12,96 €

This natural depilatory cream will leave your skin soft in just 4 minutes and with no pain.

Out of stock
7,42 €

Simple, efficace et rapide, Epilissimo élimine les poils en douceur.

6,58 €

Easy and ultra with its spatula tip, hair removal in only 5 minutes.

Out of stock
6,50 €

Only 2 minutes for perfect hair removal and incredibly soft skin.

Out of stock
4,33 €

An effective depilatory cream in 3 minutes for a soft and impeccable skin!

Out of stock
3,33 €

Smooth skin in 5 minutes and an ultra-resistant format that is easy to carry everywhere!

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