Wax cartridge roll'on for delicate skin

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Roll'on wax cartridge for delicate skins with many flavours.

Roll'on wax cartridges for delicate skin are recommended for very sensitive skin and areas of the body. These wax cartridges are particularly useful if your skin is very dehydrated, or suffers from exogenous factors such as sunburn or allergies.

Wax cartridges for delicate skins are made with good and gentle ingredients for your skin. It is therefore recommended in case of various skin problems.

How to use roll'on wax cartridges for delicate skin?

Use a cartridge heater to heat the wax roll'on.

Apply a very thin layer of the heated wax to the area you want to depilate.

Apply a strip of depilation for about 20 seconds so that the wax adheres to the strip and to the hair when it cools.

Tear off the strip suddenly and carefully in the opposite direction to the regrowth. You can reuse the tape several times.

Perform this operation until you obtain soft skin.

When your depilation is complete, apply a post-depilation lotion to clean up wax residue and moisturize your skin.

Perfumes with titanium dioxide: Green apple, cedar, rose, rose, chocolate and sugar.

Titanium dioxide reduces the adhesion of the wax to the skin by gently removing the strip.


Directions: Can be used on very sensitive areas and skins recommended in case of sunburn and on dehydrated, dry and very sensitive skin.

Other perfumes available for wax for delicate skin: Melissa, Zinc, Aloe vera, argan, milk, banana, melon, shea butter, green tea, lemon,


Sugar: Glyceryl Rosinate, Paraffinum, liquidum, Cera Alba, Cera Microcrystalline, Titanium, Dioxide, Perfume/Profume.

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