Depilatory wax: a nickel skin for several weeks

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Waxing is the technique generally used in institutes. Effective, it removes hair at the root and the results are visible for several weeks. Wax comes in several forms: in pebbles, in pots or in roll-on. Its composition also varies to adapt perfectly to all skin types: sensitive, irritated...

  • Hot, warm or cold, wax allows impeccable depilation that lasts up to 3 or 4 weeks depending on the skin. To do this, spread the wax in a thin layer over the desired area and remove it all at once. The wax then removes the hair at the root, providing a long-lasting result.

Composed of resin, beeswax, sugar or chocolate, wax comes in different forms.

  • Warm wax is usually presented in jars or roll-on. It spreads on the skin with a spatula or directly with the roll-on and is removed with a strip of fabric. With 11 flavours to choose from, the professional brand Uki International offers a range of warm wax in 400ml jars or in the form of a roll-on cartridge to melt in an electric wax heater. Chocolate, green apple, honey, relaxing, sensitive skin, irritated skin....there is something for everyone!
  • Hot wax, which is the most effective, is purchased in the form of pebbles or pearls to be melted in a tank such as the Solac Wax Tank. It can be spread with a spatula and removed directly without using fabric strips.
  • Cold wax, on the other hand, is sold in the form of single-use strips. It is particularly effective on small areas and sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini area. Cold wax is also recommended for people with circulation problems, who cannot use warm or hot wax.
  • Although a little painful, wax has many advantages. Hair removal is perfect and lasts a long time, regular use of wax makes the hair finer and finally this method involves few ingrown hairs. On the other hand, for an effective use of wax, it is necessary to wait until the hairs are long, too short they will not be pulled out by the wax.


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