Hair Mower - Convenient for a clean bikini line

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The mower allows both men and women to easily remove hair all over their bodies. Ideal for shortening or trimming bikini line hairs, they can also be used on the back, chest, armpits and legs.

- The women's lawnmower is one of the latest additions to the large family of "hair removal" products. Used specifically for the bikini line, the electric trimmer allows you to trim and trim the hairs in their length without pain. They are usually equipped with several hooves for choosing the cutting length and a shaving head, such as the Braun Silk&Soft 5160 mower.

- Specifically adapted to women's bodies, lawnmowers have a narrower head than men's lawnmowers.

- After beard and hair clippers, men are also entitled to clippers specifically designed for the body. Most often, they can be used in the shower and allow them to remove or shorten all unsightly hair on the back, chest, armpits or bikini line such as the Philips Body groom.

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