The razor (mechanical or electrical) - A quick and easy result!

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Fast, simple, painless and inexpensive, the razor is the ideal solution for the most rushed and cozy.

  • A little foam or shaving gel, a few strokes of razors, an oil or moisturizing cream after drying and the result is clean. The depilation is perfect and the skin is ultra soft. Especially since the brands are constantly innovating and offer more and more efficient shavers such as the Wilkinson Intuition Plus Sensitive shaver, whose 3 blades are surrounded by a real cream soap. To keep it effective, remember to change your razor blades regularly.
  • The disadvantage of the razor is that the result lasts only one or two days. The razor does not tear off the hair but cuts it. Regrowth is fast and depending on the nature of the hair, it can reappear harder and darker.
  • The razor, whether electrical or mechanical, is therefore a good solution for troubleshooting but is not recommended regularly.


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