Advantages of Oriental Wax Depilation

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Oriental wax depilation has many virtues. A brief review of this hair removal technique that comes to us from the East.

What are the advantages of waxing with oriental wax?

Have you ever heard of waxing with oriental wax? This gentle and natural hair removal technique is attracting more and more people and we understand better why when we know its benefits! Let's see together the virtues of oriental hair removal. If you've never tried it, you could become an addict!

Advantages of Oriental hair removal

Natural hair removal

Also called oriental dough depilation or dough ball depilation, oriental depilation offers its users (or users!) many advantages. First of all, as mentioned above, waxing with oriental wax is natural. Do you want to stop using chemical ingredients and use natural products? This hair removal technique is totally made for you!

Generally, the composition of oriental dough is extremely simple: sugar, lemon and honey. These 3 ingredients have their own beneficial effects on the skin: sugar is a natural antiseptic, in addition it accelerates the healing of the skin; lemon purifies the skin; and honey soothes it.

So don't worry about the composition of the oriental wax! She only wants you for good.

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Which parts of the body can be waxed with oriental wax?

It's not complicated, waxing with oriental wax can be done on all parts of the body! It is obviously recommended above all on the legs (the legs represent the least sensitive part of the body), but also on the arms or underarms. Be careful though if you decide to tackle the jersey. Generally, we would prefer to call on a professional for this delicate area!

Which brand of oriental wax to choose?

There are many brands of oriental depilatory waxes. We propose some here 2. These are in a way our favorites. These are AlloNature and Acorelle, two brands specialising in organic and natural cosmetics.

We like the variety of their ranges and they are two small companies on a human scale, light years away from large industrial groups. AlloNature's warm hand and cold hand waxes are two oriental waxes that are particularly appreciated by beauticians.

For whom is the Oriental wax hair removal done?
Above all for those who wish to focus more on a natural beauty routine. The composition of oriental wax is extremely simple and will delight fans of slow cosmetics and green beauty.

Are you convinced? Feel free to test the oriental waxes on our shop today.


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