Wax tank Solac DC7500

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Double aluminium tank 2 independent thermostats Wax filtration.

The Solac DC7500 wax tank is made of two wax tanks for quick, easy and hygienic waxing. It allows to heat hot wax without strips of pebbles or pearls.

Double tank: one to heat the wax and filter it, the other for permanent maintenance at the right temperature of the wax to be used

Two independent thermostats and two indicator lights that indicate when the wax in each tank reaches the correct temperature. The temperature is constant and homogeneous.

The device is compact and easy to store and compatible with all hot waxes on the market.

The tanks are made of anodized aluminium, there is no risk of the aluminium mixing with the wax, the treatment is designed for this.

Power supply: mains power of 325W

Dimensions: 233 x 245 x 144 mm

Tank dimensions: 13 x 9 cm

Capacity: up to 400g of wax (wax can be reused about ten times depending on hairiness and frequency of depilation

Colour: white

Accessories: Sold with wooden spatula and instructions in French

Warranty: 2 years


- Heat the wax in one of the two tanks. The wax is ready when its consistency resembles that of honey (neither too thick nor too liquid)

- Take a sufficient amount of wax from a spatula to make a one-time wax strip with a surface adapted to the area to be depilated.

- About ten seconds after application, once the wax has cooled, remove the strips with a quick and dry movement.

- Place the wax strip used in the second tank. At the end of the depilation, remove the filter to clean the wax from the hairs and impurities.

- Repeat this operation on the rest of the areas to be depilated (do not put wax back on an area already depilated, wait until the skin cools)

- At the end of your depilation, remove the wax residue from your skin with the post-depilatory oil or lotion.

Sold with 2 wooden spatulas and a French manual

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