Oriental paste warm and cold hand AlloNature

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A water-soluble paste, ready to use for all areas of the body and face.

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With Allo'Nature oriental paste, your hair removal becomes a pleasure.

All'Orientale Allo'nature paste ensures you an optimal depilation in the oriental way.

Its immediate use without preheating.


A cold hand paste for use where the ambient temperature is below 24°C.

A warm hand paste for use where the ambient temperature is above 24°C.

It is possible to mix the paste for an optimal texture.

These pastes products are made exclusively of certified 100% natural ingredients. Water-soluble, manual cold and ready to use. It can be used on all areas of the body and face.

These oriental pastes can be used on both long and short hair and on all areas of the body and face. It is suitable for all skin types including reactive skin and sensitive areas. There is no risk of burns since it does not require any preheating. It is composed only of ingredients of natural origin such as glucose, fructose and water.

This paste at room temperature will remove your hair while respecting your venous system.

1kg jar made of recyclable plastic.

How to use Allonature Oriental hair removal paste?

The warm hand dough is used at an ambient temperature between 24°C and 30°C. If you wish to use it at a temperature below 24°C, heat the open jar for about ten minutes in a professional wax heater on thermostat 3 to 4. No microwaving.


Open the jar and remove the transparent protective cover.

Disinfect your hands. Tackle the area to be depilated.

Take a small quantity of paste with the hand you will use to roll it out.

Knead the paste, hold the skin around the area to be depilated and apply and remove the paste according to the instructions of the All'Orientale protocol.

Clean any residue with a disposable glove dampened with water and pat dry with a towel.

If necessary, finalize the depilation with tweezers.

Remember to moisturize your skin well with a post-depilation milk.

Replace the transparent protective cover and close the jar.

Store at room temperature.

Composition of the oriental paste Allonature

100% natural ingredients: Glucose from beet (a vegetable with a high antioxidant power) and fructose. Paraben-free and other synthetic preservatives. No coloring agents, synthetic products, alcohol or petrochemicals. Product not tested on animals.

Training in oriental paste technique

The supplier only offers 2-day training courses in France and abroad for beauty professionals. For more information, here is the information link click here (Feel free to come from us ;-)

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