Bleaching cream or hydrogen peroxide - Ideal for concealing hair

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This method does not remove the hair but allows it to be hidden. Fast and painless, it is a rescue solution for cozy people or small areas that are difficult to depilate.

  • Some areas of the body are covered with down, i.e. hair that is finer and lighter than on the rest of the body. Conventional hair removal methods, especially razor blades, are not always recommended for its surfaces. Indeed they can increase hair growth, hair grows back straighter and darker than down. Similarly, the skin is often thin and sensitive on its areas, depilatory wax or epilator can cause significant skin reactions.

  • Faced with its contraindications, discoloration is not a miracle solution but it at least allows us to get around the problem. Whether with hydrogen peroxide or a bleaching cream, this method does not remove the hair but makes it less visible by making it lighter. Be careful, these methods do not correspond to people with matt or mixed skin.

  • In concrete terms, the bleaching method chemically acts on the melanin in the hair to make it clearer. Hair discoloration is a simple and quick method, a few minutes are enough and the result can last generally from 1 to 2 months. Two bleaching solutions are possible: hydrogen peroxide and bleaching cream, generally based on hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

In both cases the product is applied with a cotton pad or spatula and the exposure time is about 20 minutes. Then rinse the skin thoroughly with warm water and moisturize. For optimal results it may be necessary to renew the discoloration.


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