Permanent hair removal: what are the differences between each method?

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The almost definitive results offered by laser salons or pulsed light depilators are of course more expensive than conventional depilation methods. However, until then reserved for professionals, so-called definitive hair removal systems are now accessible to all consumers and are more affordable.

There are three methods of depilation: pulsed light, laser and electrolysis.

Hair removal with pulsed light
This method is based on the principle of "photo-epilation": a flash of light is pulsed on the area to be depilated and destroys the hair right to the root. The hair bulb is permanently removed by pulsed light. This method is effective when the hair is in its active phase of development (the melanin level is high), several sessions (4 to 10 at least) are therefore necessary to remove all the hair from the same area.

Pulsed light hair removal is particularly effective on people with fair skin and dark hair.

Laser hair removal
The laser beam emits light that passes through the skin and is then absorbed by the pigments of the hair follicle. The laser light is then transformed into heat that destroys the hair root without affecting the skin.

Laser hair removal requires several sessions, the treatment time varies according to the area to be treated and its hairiness.

Similar in function to pulsed light hair removal, the laser will not be effective on very dark, mixed or black skin, nor on white hair.

Depilation with electrolysis
Unlike laser or pulsed light hair removal, electrolysis hair removal is particularly effective for people with light hair (blond, white, red) or very dark skin.

The electrolysis depilator destroys the hair to the root by means of a chemical reaction caused by electrical activation.

Several sessions of electrolysis hair removal are necessary to obtain permanent hair removal.


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