Dermabrasion: a natural and painless depilation

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Dermabrasion is a completely natural hair removal technique. It acts on the hair by rubbing it in order to wear it out and cut it off and at the same time offers a peeling effect to the skin.

Dermabrasion takes the form of a glove, disc or roller, covered with an abrasive film. Friction on the skin helps to remove hair and dead cells. In principle, dermabrasion works like razor or depilatory cream: the hair is not torn off but cut. The advantage is that the dermo-abrasion acts like a peeling, stripped of these hairs the skin is also extremely soft and smooth.

Hair removal by dermo-abrasion is simple. Simply rub the skin with the pebble, disc or glove, using circular movements on the skin.

Small disadvantage, this depilatory technique is not suitable, for practical reasons, for all areas of the body or it requires the purchase of the complete set: roller for the legs, glove for the bikini line...

Dermo-abrasion is performed on dry skin and is totally painless, natural and non-polluting.


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