Depilatory lotions: painless soft skin

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In spray, roll-on, cream...depilatory lotions are easy to use and can be used on all parts of the body. Intended for both women and men, they easily and painlessly provide impeccable skin. 

Their action is close to that of the razor. A chemical action removes the hair on the surface but not in depth. The result lasts about a week. Easy to use, simply spread the foam or depilatory cream, let it work and rinse with water.

Known for their strong unpleasant odor characteristics, depilatory creams and foams have changed. Today they smell good thanks to the fragrance extracts they combine in their composition, making hair removal more pleasant. In addition, depilatory creams contain soothing and softening active ingredients adapted to sensitive skin.

Be careful, depilatory creams should not be used on the face.


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