Post-depilation care

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Razors, waxes and new-generation epilators are constantly evolving and offer ever more perfect results. Nevertheless, the importance of post-depilation care should not be underestimated, as it guarantees soft and silky skin for a long time to come.

  • Once the hair removal is done, cleanse the skin and erase any traces of shaving cream, depilatory cream or wax.

  • Except with the use of a razor or depilatory cream, other methods cause redness and irritation. These phenomena fade after a few hours (depending on the skin type) but you can apply soothing treatments that will limit and reduce red spots, heat and irritation more quickly. Alum stone, renowned for soothing the skin after shaving or depilation, is a simple to use and 100% natural product.

  • It is then strongly recommended to moisturize the skin: cream, serum, body milk, oil... the choice is wide. Discover all our pre and post hair removal treatments.

To increase the effects of hair removal, you can use special "anti-growth" cosmetics that slow down hair growth.

  • After depilation, be careful not to apply alcohol or products to alcoholic compositions such as some deodorants or creams.

It is also recommended not to expose yourself to the sun's rays in the hours following depilation and to wait 24 hours to exfoliate.


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