How to prepare your hair removal?

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Razors, waxes and new generation epilators are constantly evolving. Thanks to many technological innovations, hair removal products and equipment are now less painful and more effective. But this does not mean that we should forget or minimize the preparation and care phases related to hair removal, which ensure an impeccable result and for a long time.

  • Rule number 1 may seem basic and obvious, but unfortunately it is often forgotten: hygiene.

Some reminders of the basic rules: - wash your hands thoroughly - clean the area to be depilated with soap, wipes or antiseptic gel (especially for the bikini line) - disinfect your equipment (razor, depilator, wax tank...) with alcohol at 60°/70° do not lend your equipment

  • To properly prepare your skin for depilation, it is advisable to exfoliate 24 hours beforehand. Horsehair glove, black soap, exfoliating cream, all its products offer similar results. Their objective is to eliminate dead cells and bring out any hair that may be under the skin. King Solomon offers a whole range of oriental products ideal for making a scrub: kessa glove, Egyptian vegetable loofah, black soap with eucalyptus, sugar scrub...

The best thing to do is to take a hot bath. The temperature allows the pores to dilate and the skin to relax in order to facilitate the removal of hair during depilation.

  • Care must be taken to choose hair removal equipment and products according to the nature of the skin: shaving gel enriched with moisturizing agents for dry skin (Wilkinson Lady Protector), cold wax strip for people with circulation problems and to follow the instructions provided in the instructions for use.
  • Be careful not to apply moisturizer or oil just before waxing, the wax will not stick and razors or epilators will slide on the skin. Hydration is to be reserved for post-depilation care.
  • Finally, don't think of hair removal as a chore, but rather as a moment of relaxation where you take the time to take care of yourself, to pamper yourself. Feel free to play soft music and light candles to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This will make hair removal even more pleasant and the results better.


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