Cire gel en pot Aquaria sans colophane Ambre 400 ml

Gel wax in Aquaria pot without rosin Amber 400 ml

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Gel wax in Aquaria pot without rosin Amber 400ml

A pleasant gel wax that is easier to use than traditional wax, it attacks the shortest hairs and guarantees extreme softness.

Without rosin.


It spreads warm with a spatula and is removed with non-woven fabric strips.

It adheres perfectly to the skin and the strip for an impeccable result.

A single pass is enough to remove all the hair.

The jar is heated in a water bath.


Heat your wax in a water bath and wait until it is semi-liquid, it must adhere to the spatula.

- Keep the heating at 36°-39°.

- Apply the heated wax with a spatula to the part to be depilated in a very thin layer.

- Place a strip of cloth on the wax for 20 seconds, until the wax adheres to the strip and the hair as it cools.

- Tear off the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

(You can re-use this tape several times).

- Then discard the used tape. Repeat this operation on the rest of the areas to be depilated.

- At the end of your depilation, remove the wax residue from your skin with the post-depilatory oil or lotion.

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