Wax heater 400ml for jar or melting pan

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Compact and easy to store for wax jars 400 ml or pebbles, pearls.

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A professional wax heater that allows you to melt the wax in a melting pan (sold separately) or potted wax and keep it at a safe temperature throughout the depilation process.

With a melting pan (sold separately), it allows the hot wax to melt without strips of pebbles or pearls.

Or it can be used with all depilatory waxes contained in 400ml metal jars.

Easy to store thanks to its compact shape and cover, it will quickly find its place in your bathroom.

Heating system: Multi-position thermostat

Heating levels: 10 levels


Format: tank for 400g jar or melting pan

Power supply: mains - 120 W

Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 150 x 150mm

Power cord: 180 cm 

Colours: white and blue

Warranty: 1 year

- Insert the 400g wax pot or the bead or pebble wax into the melting pan and then into the pot heater.

- Adjust the temperature at which you want to keep the depilatory wax inside the pot by acting on the thermostat.

- Once the wax is at the right temperature, use a spatula (stainless steel or wood) to remove hot wax and spread it in "strips" over the area to be depilated.

- Allow to cool for a few seconds, then pull out the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Don't forget:

- The body scrub and exfoliating glove to prepare your skin for depilation.

- Post-depilation oil to remove wax residue after depilation.

- The solvent to clean your equipment after depilation.

- The Anti-Hair Incarnate Care or the Anti-Reprotgrowth Milk to maintain your skin between two depilations.


Notice in French.


Wax heater sold without wax and without melting pan.

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