Anti-hair care incarnate Papaya Dermépil by Perron Rigot 30 ml

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Finally the solution to effectively fight ingrown hairs! No more hair under the skin!

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To fight against the formation of ingrown hairs and keep the skin soft and clean,

fall in love with this specific treatment.

This treatment is specially adapted to fight against ingrown hairs and allows:

- an exfoliation of the skin thanks to papain, a papaya extract.

- a cleansing action thanks to shikimic acid, an exfoliating active ingredient of plant origin.

- 30 ml tube

Made in France

48 hours after depilation, apply this treatment once or twice a day to the areas to be treated until the hair appears.

Repeat if necessary after each depilation.

For best effectiveness use in combination with the Double Scrub Special Incarnate Hair Scrub.

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