ECOLOGIC Melting Wax Beads

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Professional hot wax for sensitive skin.

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Ideal for sensitive skin, this professional wax will gently depilate you thanks to its 100% ECOLOGIC formula.

Blond wax pearls to be melted in a casserole dish / pot or in a wax tank.
This professional hot wax provides flawless results for all areas of the body.
It is ideal for sensitive areas such as the face, bikini line or underarms.
It is compatible with all wax tanks.

Skin type: Sensitive skin - normal and dry

Format: 0.2 kg

Use of yellow wax pearls for sensitive skin

- Melt the wax in a wax heater using a casserole dish (sold separately) until it has a consistency of honey.
- Take a sufficient quantity of wax on a spatula to make a strip of wax with a surface suitable for the area to be depilated at one time.
- About ten seconds after their installation, once the wax has cooled remove the strips with a quick and dry gesture.
- Repeat this operation on the rest of the areas to be depilated (do not put wax on an area already depilated, it is necessary to wait for the skin to cool).
- At the end of your epilation, remove the wax residue from your skin with the post-depilatory oil or lotion.

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